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Evergreen - Episodes Now Available on Amazon

In the spirit of producing content on a regular basis, I have been working this year on episodes for a variety of series such as Silver Falls, CommuniKate, and now Evergreen. Since I enjoy writing in multiple genres, sometimes simultaneously, Evergreen fits nicely into the YA space, and has elements of fantasy, southern gothic, magical realism, and romance (think Stephen King meets Neil Gaiman meets Nicholas Sparks - okay, maybe that's a bit much, but you get the point).

The story centers around 16-year-old Cole Mercer, who's recently lost his father in a plane crash. Burdened with the loss of his dad, Cole faces more headwinds as his mother moves what remains of the family from Rochester, New York, to the small town of Evergreen, North Carolina. There, Cole is adrift on a sea of bible-beaters and slow southern drawls. Fortunately, he finds refuge in a South Carolina transplant named Amanda Davenport.

Cole and Amanda become instant friends, and she helps him navigate the pitfalls of small town living, including how to avoid Lenny Sanders, the town bully. Along the way, Cole befriends a pair of classmates, Jackson and Gabe, and the three of them soon become inseparable.

But just as Cole begins to think Evergreen isn't as bad as he originally thought, he discovers that lurking beneath the surface of southern hospitality lies a dark secret that hangs over the mountain town like a dark cloud. And at the center of this secret is an enigmatic man known as Finch, a Watcher, who lives on one of the mountains overlooking town.

Can Cole find a way to fit in or will his name be added to the list of unsolved murders?

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