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"A great coming-of-age love story..."
"Reminiscent of The Notebook..."
"My new favorite romance!"




When thirty-one-year-old astronomer Dr. Ellie Spencer uncovers a shocking detail in a novel written by her first love, Jack Bennett, she returns to the place where it all began with the hopes of finding the truth and rewriting the stars.

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The Long Road Back to You and I'll Wait
(Combo Edition)

TOGETHER AT LAST! For the first time, The Long Road Back to You and I'll Wait are one book. Experience this emotional story through the eyes of Charlie and Anna, two young people who fell in love one summer, only to have their love torn apart by jealousy and war.

Available exclusively on Amazon, now you can get both stories in one book, with an all-new redesigned cover, bonus content, and book club discussion questions. 

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Why Love Stories?

In a category dominated by women, why write love stories? 

For me, it's simple: I'm looking to "buck" the trend. Sorry, I couldn't resist. But the truth is a great love story is more than just romance; there's mystery, suspense, and, sometimes, even horror. 

Moreover, only love has the power to raise us to new heights and plunge us to unimaginable depths—to make us feel on top of the world one minute, and buried beneath it the next. And it is the only thing I know that can both break a heart and mend it.

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