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Welcome to Evergreen...

Cole Mercer is a young man angry at the world...and for good reason.

At sixteen-years-old, he's forced to grow up fast when he loses his father in an air disaster that is front-page news for every paper in the country. To make matters worse, his mother informs him she is moving Cole and his younger sister from their home in Rochester, New York, to the small town of Evergreen, North Carolina. There, he struggles to keep his head above water in a sea of casseroles, bible-beaters, and southern drawls. Fortunately, Cole finds refuge in Amanda Davenport, the girl who lives in the house across the street. Recognizing Cole is a fish out of water, she befriends him and opens his eyes to life in a small town.


A deep heart moving novel. Full of love and trust and forgiveness. Very well written. Would recommend. First book I’ve read from this author. It won’t be the last.


"A great coming-of-age book..."


"Such an interesting read. I loved the mystery of where the story was heading. While this is a story of young love, it is so much more. It’s about a son not knowing how to process a father’s death, a boy learning right from wrong, and understanding that whatever it takes you have to right your wrongs. Then the surprise ending of good versus evil and what will you choose."


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