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BUCK TURNER is a beloved storyteller. Best known for his diverse writing style and ability to blur genre lines, Buck is something of a literary chameleon. Author of seven novels, including the smash hits The Keeper of Stars, The Long Road Back To You, and The Hearts We Leave Behind, Buck delivers an emotional, unforgettable experience to his readers.

As diverse as his writing is his taste in authors, including Nicholas Sparks, Lisa Jewell, Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

As a graduate of Lincoln Memorial University, Buck holds an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and a Master's in Business. Having spent his childhood in East Tennessee, Buck draws on his experiences in the South, including the rich traditions, diverse characters, religion, and charming small towns (many of which serve as backdrops for his stories). When he's not busy writing, Buck enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, fishing, drawing, and painting.

Buck is represented by SBR Media. For inquires into literary, foreign rights, audio, film, and other media outlets, contact Katie Monson at SBR Media.

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