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Excerpt from Silver Falls - Episode 1 - The Homecoming

After completing I'll Wait, I knew I had to turn my attention to a new project. It was difficult to finally part with Charlie and Anna, and though I may revisit that world at some point in the future, I wanted something fresh to work on.

Silver Falls is a fictionalized town that I dreamed up years ago, and I thought it might make the perfect backdrop for my new story about a cop with a history of scars who returns to his hometown when news reaches him of this mother's death. Part mystery, part romance, it is a mix of Virgin River and Riverdale.

With Episode 1 beginning to take shape (as in ~17,000 words currently written), I wanted to share with you an excerpt from Episode 1. I plan to release the first book in installments or episodes on Amazon for $0.99 each. There will likely be 4-5 episodes and I plan to release them once a month or perhaps more frequently, depending on how quickly I can produce and edit the content. Keep scrolling for an Excerpt from Book 1, Episode 1. Let me know what you think!

Excerpt from Silver Falls, Book 1, Episode 1

Summer was over, and in the blink of an eye, the heat that had for so long engulfed the town of Emmett's Grove, yielded to the cool winds of autumn. Up in the mountains, twenty miles northwest of Lynchburg, Virginia, the leaves had already begun their transformation. Brilliant greens faded into shades of gold and amber as they began their slow, steady descent toward lower altitudes. In the valley below, the James river, which had been choked by the summer drought, roared to life with the onslaught of autumn rains.

For Jayce Callahan, no other season quite compared to the brilliance of autumn. Something about the way the dazzling colors stood out against an indigo sky made him appreciate life even more. It was also the time of year when he was most productive. Owning fifty acres of pristine Virginia pine forest brought him great satisfaction. But with that satisfaction came work—chopping wood, clearing the property of downed timber, setting traps—all to prepare for the winter that would inevitably come. In those parts, up in the mountains, winters came without warning and could be long and harsh, not to mention lonely. But Jayce enjoyed the solitude, and besides, he wasn’t alone. He had his golden lab, Camo, to keep him company.

With a mighty swing, Jayce brought down the ax and split the final piece of cedar in half. As he stacked the last of the winter firewood, something off in the distance caught his attention. He looked up automatically as the unmistakable crunch of gravel beneath tires filled the air. Someone was making the ascent. He took a step back, concealing himself behind the wood pile, and as he did his right hand reached for the gun he kept holstered on his hip. Years of training kept him steady, focused, eyes sharp as a hawk.

His glanced at the cabin where Camo was on the front porch, standing at attention. She, too, had been alerted by the approaching vehicle and was staring intently at the opening in the trees where the drive entered the forest. Jayce gave the command, sending Camo leaping off the porch in his direction. Like her master, Camo was in her prime, and in a few strides she was at Jayce's side awaiting further orders.

"Good girl, Cam" Jayce whispered, reaching down with his free hand as he stroked the fur on the back of her neck. He had trained her well. Camo had been with him since he returned home from the war. He had raised her from a pup, and she was as loyal a friend as he'd ever had.

As the roar of the engine grew louder, Jayce steadied his hand on the gun. He wasn't yet ready to pull it from the holster. There was still a chance, albeit remote, a motorist had wandered off the main road. If not, only one person remained brave enough to make the journey, and he wasn't expecting her until tomorrow.

Jayce and Camo held their position and watched as the front of a rusty old pickup truck appeared from out of the darkness. It was her. On a Tuesday, no less. Jayce relinquished his grip on the gun. His rigid posture relaxed. Taking the cue from her master, Camo's tail went to wagging as she set off toward the mail truck.

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