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Genres - Which do you love? Which do you hate?

I was reading a blog this past week by an author of mystery novels and someone asked a question about which genres the author loved and which she detested. So, I'll ask you the same. What is the genre you read most? Is it mystery or romance or sci-fi? Perhaps all of the above. If so, what is it that draws you to that genre or genres?

For me, I like anything that involves history, and if there is an element of the supernatural, even better. I also like books with a message that is thought-provoking. After all, isn't that the point of writing - to convey a message that is relatable and reveals something universal.

What about genres you absolutely will not read? Perhaps it's horror or action/adventure. Either way, what is it about that genre or genres that you detest?

I'd like to start a discussion with this one, so comments are welcomed and encouraged.

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Randi Burke
Randi Burke
08 mai 2021

I love sci-Fi, historical fiction and books that make me think. I was on a virtual reality run for awhile I just finished the 8 book and series and stumbled on to your book, the Long Road Back to you. Absolutely loved it! just downloaded I”ll Wait for you. Looking forward to getting lost in another great book🙏🏻

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