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Outlook 2021 - What Story is up Next?

Now that 2021 is firmly underway, I am setting my sights on how the year is going to shape up in terms of new releases. First, let me say, it has been a grueling winter. With cold weather coupled with Covid-19, I've had to stay indoors more than in year's past. Instead of complaining, I decided early on to use this extra time to my advantage. That means A LOT OF WRITING!

It began with the release of The Long Road Back To You in early December. It has been well received and continues to do well on Amazon, which is great. Shortly after I released that book, I began working on the companion novel called I'll Wait, which came together very quickly. In fact, as I entered January, the first draft was completed, edited, and sent to my team of beta readers. In the past couple of days, I completed the final draft, which has this book slated for release on March 1st (looking forward to that).

Meanwhile, I've been sketching out some ideas for future novels. In fact, there are more than a dozen stories I've started, and some with greater than 10k words already written. Many of those stories are within the romance genre, which is my go-to these days, but there are one or two that stray outside those lines. Actually, I have begun work on a middle-grade fantasy book (think Chronicles of Narnia meets The Ocean at the End of the Lane). I'm very excited about this project as it gets me back to the kind of stories that first drew me to reading and writing many years ago.

As the year unfolds, I will undoubtedly change course several times, which is typical for me, but as you can see there is a great deal of work taking place. I think it's safe to say this will be my most productive year and hope to release 5-6 novels by year's end.

As always, I'm looking for your feedback. If there are any stories or ideas for stories you have, send those my way. Who knows, I ay be able to write my next novel based on your idea. Don't have a story in mind? What about a character or small town (love small towns, especially ones with a dark undercurrent).

Until next time...

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