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Quantity vs. Quality

When it comes to writing today, there are two schools of thought. One says produce as much content as quickly as possible because readers are impatient, hungry, and ready to consume everything, like yesterday. Then, of course, there is the traditional school of thought, which says take your time, produce quality pieces of literature that are of the highest quality. What is an author to do?

I suppose it makes a difference whether you choose to go the traditional publishing route or self-publish. If you are fortunate enough to be plucked out of the thousands of queries literary agents see on a daily basis, and it leads to a deal with a major publisher, then congratulations. Perhaps you are one of the lucky few that has the luxury of earning a large enough advance that affords you to produce one book per year. But for the majority of authors who struggle to get a traditional publishing deal, and one that is six figures or higher, the options are somewhat limited.

Sure, the rise of Amazon and KDP have given authors an opportunity to forgo the waiting period of traditional publishing and produce content on their schedule. The only problem is that there are tens-of-thousands of other authors out there doing the exact same thing. The differentiator-content, content, content-most of all the quantity.

The downside to more content and an accelerated writing schedule typically means quality suffers. Think of it more as a brainstorming session that is masked as a novel, rather than a well thought out, refined piece of literature. But perhaps readers have changed as well. Maybe they care less about wonderfully and thoughtfully executed pieces of literature and more about keeping something in front of them that is fresh and new. THOUGHTS???

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